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The Biomac Foundation

Organizational Structure


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The Biomac Foundation is an international entity with operations in most of the world, including Russia and the Middle East. The Foundation is depending upon local peace authorities, such as police forces and government agencies to lead its retrofitting center management. This ensures that The Foundation's goal of universal biometric access controls on all weapons will become a reality.

Upon the successful completion of its R&D program, The Foundation functions will transition to the following:

  1. Convert existing weapons into smart guns through global and regional retrofitting centers operated by the Foundation and/or its designees.
  2. Manufacture the optical sensors and/or components necessary for the retrofitting of existing weapons.
  3. License weapon manufacturers to use its technology in the manufacture of new weapons.

The price of retrofitting existing weapons will be kept economical for citizens to ensure compliance with future laws mandating the transition to owner-authorized weapons. Biomac, as a non-profit, can ensure reasonable prices by lobbying governments for consumer rebates through tax deductions, as well as government subsidies, where appropriate.

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Biomac Supports The 2nd Amendment

In the USA, The Biomac Foundation supports the 2nd Amendment of The Constitution and a citizen's right to bear arms… RESPONSIBLY!

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